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  • The more search criteria you select, the smaller your list of results will be.
  • If your search doesn't return enough songs, try using fewer search criteria.
  • If your results are too broad, try using more search criteria.
  • Search results are sorted alphabetically by Artist, then by Title; EXCEPT when using the Keyword Box...these results are weighted and will not show alphabetically.
  • Click the plus/minus in the first column to see more details about each song. Lyrics, songwriter and publisher info is not available at this time.
  • If you've already got results displayed from a previous search, click on the clear button before you start a new search.
  • You can only select one item for each dropdown menu. If you want to do multiple selections, use the keyword search instead.


  • Keyword search is weighted to bring up Title matches first. These will not be in alphabetically order.
  • The Keyword box offers autocomplete with word strings that are available within the data. For ex: start typing Movin and in the drop down, all phrase matches with the word Movin will show. If you choose Movin, it will bring up tracks with the words Move, Movin, Moving.
  • To find a specific track, if you know the master number, type (in lower case) ccv followed by the number and it will show you options to select by.
  • To find an exact artist name, song title or phrase use beginning and end quotes, like you would do a search in google ie. "All You Need is Love" or "Rolling Stones". This will result in items that match the words and order exactly.
  • To find an exact song by an artist use beginning and end quotes on the song title and artist name with the word AND in all caps like this: "Here Comes the Sun" AND "Beatles"
  • The Keyword box can also be used to type in the name of a popular artist or band, if you're looking for a similar style or sound from our selection of songs...such as "Frank Sinatra"
  • If a certain Keyword search is not producing results, try another Keyword that means the same thing or is similar.